We all know someone who’s had one. That who ‘did their back’ and was never the same afterwards. They did a DISC…

So what does that really mean?

Let’s start with the anatomy. Discs are the layer of tissue found between each vertebra in your spine. They are an integral part of spinal flexibility and control. They flex, bend and absorb impact forces as we move.
They do not spew out fragments, they aren’t crushed and they don’t explode. They may flex and bulge in response to load.

It is normal for them to age. We don’t get surprised when we develop grey hair and wrinkles, it’s a normal part of aging, and yet we appear concerned when we are told our bodies show other signs of aging- such as disc degeneration. 37% of asymptomatic people in their 20’s have disc bulge. This increases incrementally and reaches 96% when people are in their 80’s. Remember these are people without any pain.

So what do we do about them?

Physios are experts in anatomy of the musculoskeletal, nervous and skeletal systems. We will assess your condition taking all these factors into account. We will identify impairments that you have and look for the contributing factors for these such as lifestyle, sports, occupation, posture and past history. We will collaborate with your GP to make sure you attain the best medical treatment, appropriate scans and referrals if required.

We aim to keep you moving, be it a modified training regime or an alternative activity in the short term. And we believe you are the integral driver behind your own rehab with early intervention and self-management being the most important parts of the rehab process.