Unique Gym environment

What makes us unique from many of the practices in Australia
is our in-house purpose built gym.
The gym is utilised by our patients and offers a friendly environment for those
wishing to maintain their health and well being.
Working in conjunction with our exercise physiologist,
our patients are able to use the gym to assist in maintaining their health and well being.


The gym is also used by our physios to aid the rehabilitation of our patients
who may be needing to use weights or gym equipment to aid in their recovery.
Through the ability to use our gym,
patients find that they are able to recover quicker
within a less confronting environment.

Small Fitness Groups

Currently we are encouraging our patients to get fit and active
in a number of the small group fitness sessions we are running.
Patients can sign up to either the Yes 2 a Healthy Life program
or the Gentle Movin and Groovin sessions.
Some classes are being run via video conferencing
to ensure social distancing is maintained.