What is a registrar?

Registrars are qualified doctors that must complete face to face consulting prior to commencing permanent employment.
All our registrars are part of the Murray City Country Coast (MCCC) placement program and meet the criteria of AGPT and two GP Colleges (RACGP and ACRRM).
Our registrars are required to work in a rural practice for periods of 6-18 months as part of their final training.
Current registrars are
Dr Kat Cameron, Dr Lewis Clarke, Dr Rafal Hirmiz, Dr Loz Nyathi, Dr Kavitha Suresh
Through the registrar program we have helped numerous GP’s complete their training including our current GP’s
Dr Sanjeev Rajagopalan, Dr Nayana Prematilaka and Dr Kiri Matthews

Registrars will bulkbill HCC/Pension card holders for face to face consults.
All Telephone consults are bulkbilled for all patients